If you have any questions about

  • environmentally friendly driving
  • working green
  • using vegetable oil as fuel in your vehicle, generator, bobcat, wood chipper etc
  • where to get waste vegetable oil
  • where to get new oil
  • how to clean waste vegetable oil
  • how to store your oil
  • why is a conversion kit neccessary
  • how to do the conversion
  • where to get a vegetable oil conversion kit

then we will explain everything in detail either on the phone or email, whichever way you prefer.

If you are interested in buying a conversion kit then we can offer you the most trusted conversion kit from ATG Germany.

Should you need someone to fit your conversion kit and haven’t got a mechanic nearby, then please don’t hesitate to ask us. We are specially trained and certified for the fitting of the ATG conversion kits.
We prefer to fit the conversion kit in our workshop because we have everything in place. Our customers usually plan a weekend at the coast and book a cabin near our workshop. We can help you with this.

If you are mechanically minded you can fit the DIY kit yourself and should you get stuck or have any questions, then we are here to help you and guide you through the process.
And if you have a mechanic who will fit your kit, then your mechanic can call us or email us at any time should he need help or has any questions.

After you bought a vegetable oil conversion kit from us, we will continue to be there for you should you have any questions along the way or need a spare filter etc.

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