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More than 1700 independent scientists agree on one thing: the earth and the life on it is in great danger and we need to act NOW. We don’t have much time left. The scientists confirm that we have started the sixth mass extinction event in approx. 540 million years and that many life forms could be destroyed or endangered by the end of this century.

It’s only 80 years! Visualize it. This is really bad!

Nature revenges our lack of consideration already with extremes in weather, air quality, rising sea-level, reduction of resources, illnesses, extinction of several animals and plants and so forth.

If we don’t act now, it will probably be too late! We can reduce the greenhouse gas pollution much more than most people think. Help us spread the word about using straight vegetable oil as fuel for diesel engines. Diesel engines can run on straight vegetable oil after a second  fuel system has been added which is heated. We use and sell the German ATG conversion kit only because it’s a proven and successful system for more than 20 years. Processed vegetable oil such as canola is critical for human consumption but it is an excellent and environmentally friendly fuel for diesel cars. It is a renewable source. Ideal for older diesel engines not only in cars, but also in buses, trucks, boats, mowers, machinery etc. By using vegetable oil as fuel instead of diesel you reduce the greenhouse gas pollution by 80-90%. If many people would drive their diesel vehicles on vegetable oil, then this would reduce the pollution significantly in an instant.  Furthermore it is more environmentally friendly and cheaper to use an older vehicle, maybe restore it if it needs to be and drive it on pure vegetable oil for a long time than buying a new diesel vehicle which is prone to damage due to the new electronic/sensors/injection system, on which you can’t do the repairs yourself and you most likely will spend a fortune to get it repaired and then you can only drive it on vegetable oil on long distances, not in town or on short trips because of its new technology.

Please think about it, discuss it with other people, have a look on the internet, or ask us any question you may have about this.

Should you have a new diesel car, just be vigilant with your mechanic.

Most important is that you can do many things to help our planet, such as:

plant a tree
reduce, reuse, recycle
switch off electronic devices when not in use
use energy efficient light bulbs if you don’t already have
and switch the light off when you leave the room
be water wise
use less plastic
bike and walk more, drive less
power your diesel engine with straight vegetable oil
choose sustainable
use non-toxic cleaning materials
the more you know the more you can help others to understand

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