Please support us on Facebook by clicking here and liking our page: Thank you. More than 1700 independent scientists agree on one thing: the earth and the life on it is in great danger and we need to act NOW. We don’t have much time left. The scientists confirm that we have started the sixth mass extinction event in approx. 540 million years and that many life forms could […]

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A diesel to vegetable oil conversion kit allows a diesel vehicle or diesel machinery to fuel with SVO – straight vegetable oil / WVO recycled waste vegetable oil ! This intelligent fuel system warms vegetable oil to ideal fuel temperature and then automatically switches from diesel fuel to vegetable oil power if you have switched the kit on. For very short distances or short running time also on your machinery […]

Categories: Allgemein, Slider Homepage
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    eco-sensitive –  environmentally friendly power generation by using straight vegetable oil / waste vegetable oil as fuel in diesel engines