Your benefits as consumers are mainly that you can actively take part to reduce pollution by choosing a company that is working green – working with diesel machinery that is powered by straight vegetable oil.  This helps the environment significantly. If you imagine that for example a 74 HP diesel wood chipper runs 5 hours a day on 5 days a week then this one wood chipper will use approx. 1500 litre diesel per month. If the business would use recycled vegetable oil instead of diesel then you don’t really need numbers, you know that the pollution would be reduced significantly. You use the oil in your kitchen for cooking and eating in your salads. The same vegetable oil is used by take away shops, restaurants, canteens, etc and this is the oil we use to run our diesel machines, cars, trucks etc. You still need some diesel to start the engine until it’s warm and to end the day to flush the system but this amount is very little compared to the usage during working hours.

Another benefit is, that you have proof that you reduce pollution; because you can smell it.
You don’t really see where your green energy comes from and if it is really green but with machinery powered by vegetable oil you definitely can smell it. The disadvantage is, the smell could make you hungry or you don’t like the smell of chips. However, no matter how you feel about the smell, you have proof that you actively help to safe the planet by choosing green work for your property. Furthermore the operator can show you the system and how it works.



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      eco-sensitive –  environmentally friendly power generation by using straight vegetable oil / waste vegetable oil as fuel in diesel engines