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If you offer and do your work with diesel machinery powered by straight vegetable oil and are registered with eco-sensitive you are working green and help to protect the environment.
This could boost your job volume.

It can be Money saving!

If you collect waste vegetable oil from take-away shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.,  clean it yourself and use it in your diesel machinery after converting them with our ATG kit then you can save quite some money. Of course this takes up some time and not everybody is willing to do this, these businesses will then buy cleaned or new vegetable oil to power their machines which is environmentally friendly. However, the cleaning is safe for you and the environment because there are no chemicals or any additives needed to clean the oil. Just time and filtering. Businesses who purchase the ATG conversion kit from us or 4×4 outdoor tuning, which is also us, will be fully briefed how to clean the oil correctly.

Environmental Benefits Of Vegetable Oil As Fuel

We’re all aware that fossil fuels are causing environmental damage, yet we’re equally aware of the necessity of using vehicles and machinery.

Without a doubt, a vehicle or machinery running on straight vegetable oil is far more environmentally friendly than your average diesel machine.

  • Vegetable oil is environmentally friendly to produce and process.
  •  It doesn’t require chemical tampering
  •  It’s less corrosive to exhaust and catalytic converters
  •  It does not cause acid rain.
  •  It’s endlessly renewable
  •  It’s safe to handle
  •  It’s biodegradable
  •  It’s CO2 neutral
  •  It’s a natural lubricant
  •  It smells better than diesel
  •  It can extend engine life
  •  It’s a proven system –  they have been doing it for years in Europe and we are running our vehicles and machinery on straight recycled vegetable oil for more than 12 years.

Mechanical Benefits Of Vegetable Oil As A Fuel

Running on vegetable oil results in longer engine life. Standard diesel contains sulphur to aid lubrication, yet vegetable oil is a natural lubricant.

Other benefits include:

  • Vegetable oil is less corrosive than standard diesel.
  • Performance is the same or better.
  • Vegetable oil reduces toxic gas
  • It’s safe to handle
  • No engine modification necessary
  • Only a conversion kit and second tank is needed


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